Angela Severance RDA CDD

NINJA Dentistry

CAD CAM Integration Specialist

DiaShine polishing paste is my go-to finishing product. It remits a highly esthetic, luminescent finish to all chairside cad/cam restorations and is unmatched by competitors in delivering consistent, efficient results!

August de Oliveira DDS

Sirona Dental Systems

Digital Enamel Implants Made Easy

“I have been using DiaShine with my CEREC restorations and in my CEREC courses for over 5 years and I am constantly amazed at the shine that I get. I am consistently getting a finish that rivals that of a glazed restoration. Combining DiaShine with rubber wheels and using a polychromatic block, you can easily and quickly get CEREC restorations that look every bit as good as something from a great dental lab.”

David Hornbrook DDS, FAACD, FACE

Hornbrook Center for Dentistry

“If there is one thing that every clinician placing all-ceramic restorations should have in their practice, it should be DiaShine. Having the ability to polish ceramic after adjustment to a glaze-like finish not only enhances the aesthetics and wear compatibility, but also improves long-term prognosis by eliminating surface micro fractures that can lead to premature ceramic failure and fracture. We all adjust ceramic; whether it be intraoral or extraoral, so provide your patients the best service and let the final step in this adjustment be a high polish with DiaShine.

I have used DiaShine Porcelain Polishing compound for over 10 years in both my teaching centers and my private practice, and I have not found another polishing paste that even comes close to the results I achieve with DiaShine. Whether you're using a powder-liquid or a leucite reinforced ceramic, you will get a “glaze-like” shine with minimal effort.”

Angela Severance RDA CDD

NINJA Dentistry

CAD CAM Integration Specialist

“DiaShine polishing paste is my go-to finishing product. It emits a highly esthetic, luminescent finish to all chairside cad/cam restorations and is unmatched by competitors in delivering consistent, efficient results!”

Bill Marais

Disa Dental Studio

Dental Technicians Guild

“I have been using DiaShine since 2006 and can honestly say it is the best polishing agent that I have worked with to-date.

Not only the fact that the paste will shine up practically anything, but it is water soluble as well and is very easy to remove...not like other oil based polishing agents.”

Denise McDonald RDH MEd

AT Still University School of Dentistry

“Every hygienist should work in a practice that carries DiaShine because it works on esthetic dentistry and natural teeth. If you want the best for your patients, polish with DiaShine.”

Mike Small

Small Ceramics Dental Lab

Dental Technicians Guild

"I use DiaShine every day at my lab.  Attention to surface texture and finish is extremely important when trying to replicate natural dentition.  With DiaShine's wide variety of polishing pastes I can trust that I will achieve the natural finish I am looking for no matter what material the restoration."

Eddie Corrales CDT


Downtown Dental Designs

“I have been using DiaShine for my ceramic restorations for two years now, and I must admit, in my 25 years as a ceramist, I have never been so pleased with a polishing system as I am now. Thank you VH Technologies!”

RDT Lino Adolf

Sirona Certified Trainer

“I’ve been using DiaShine for sometime now, to hand-polish all of my restorations. It makes it easier to obtain a natural finish without great effort. It works well on glass ceramics, hybrid ceramics, polymers, oxide ceramics and even metal. Great Product!”

Edward A McLaren DDS MDC

UCLA School of Dentistry

“I have used most polishing systems on the market and have looked at the surface finish with Scanning Electron Micrographs. By far the DiaShine diamond polishing system is second to none on the market today. I highly recommend it for final polishing of ceramics.”

Paulo Monteiro DMD, MSc

Instituto Superior de Ciências da Saúde Egas Moniz Portugal

“With DiaShine, VH Technologies has created an advanced protocol for polishing Lava™ Ultimate; a four-step finishing process that is simple, quick and polishes to a mirror-like finish every time with minimal effort. I highly recommend anyone milling Lava™ Ultimate to try and use this system.”

Dr Alex Touchstone DDS

Touchstone Dentistry

“Diashine is absolutely the best all-purpose ceramic polishing material available. I use it daily and I could not see myself practicing without it.”

Dr. Josef Kunkela

Dental Point - Czech Republic

DSD Master

“From the VH technologies product line, I have been using the Finishing Kit from August deOliveira, DDS. It has been about two years now and I am extremely pleased with this kit because it contains all necessary instruments for a perfect polish of feldspathic milled restorations. If there is no need for color customization, one can successfully use the kit instead of glazing and oven firing, or even after finishing to achieve a natural shine and texture of restorations after the firing process. I also use this Finishing Kit in my Training Center during hands-on practice, where it is very popular among the participants.”

Amy W Jones, RDH

Technology Advisor Patterson Dental

Certified CEREC Trainer

“I have been a part of the clinical integration of CEREC into new practices. The one area that was always lacking in practices were the tools to finish a restoration. Nobody seemed to know what they had in the office already, what they needed for CEREC restorations and why they may need something different and new. I pieced together a kit to always have with me in the event that the office had nothing, which was, surprisingly, most of the time. Most everything in my homemade kit was made by DiaShine, so it was only natural that I approached them to create a solution for this issue. I wanted a kit that cut to the chase. No fluff. Just the essentials needed to complete a restoration! Roland and his team did not disappoint. I am so excited and honored to be a part of “The CAD Essentials” kit for DiaShine!”

Greg Campbell DDS

Patterson Certified CEREC Trainer

Long Beach, California

“I wanted to take this time to thank you for your great service & wonderful products. I am a Patterson-certified trainer and do many in-office Cerec trainings, and your DiaShine & DiaFlex products are so easy to use. They make my job much easier & teaching the new users to get the ideal finish is a “snap”.  I am pleased to use products that do not only what is advertised, but more!” 

J Quint Whipple

Phoenician Dental Studio

“Throughout my more than 24 years in the dental field, I have yet to find a polishing paste system better than DiaShine!”


CADStar CEREC Learning Center

“I am a big fan of DiaShine. It is something that I use every day in practice. It is also part of the finishing protocols for all our CEREC classes. I use it for post-glaze superficial gloss finishing on ceramics and it works very well on Lava™ Ultimate and VITA Enamic®.”

Jason Olitsky DMD AAACD

CEO - Smile Stylist

“I rely on DiaShine to restore all my ceramic restorations to a laboratory-like finish. We have also incorporated DiaShine into our hygiene department to give our cosmetic patients a top-level polish. Patients love that we embrace their decision to get porcelain veneers by using the best polishing paste on the market at every cleaning appointment.”

Jenn Robertson Janicki

COO - Gold Dust Dental Laboratory

“Gold Dust is known for its “wow” factor ceramics, and we consider DiaShine product as being an integral part of that recipe for “wow”. For all of our restorations, DiaShine is a constant staple in our ceramists toolbox to achieving excellence”.

Jim Thacker

VP - Utah Valley Dental Laboratory

“We've used DiaShine for many years with great success. It allows us to create a natural luster to our restorations. It's easy to use and the intra-oral version allows our dentists to duplicate the lab shine in the mouth. Diashine gives our product that extra “pop” necessary to stay ahead of the competition!”

Luis Corte-Real DDS, Msc

Medical Director

Clinica Parque da Cidade Portugal

“I have relied heavily on my CEREC since 2006 to deliver high quality treatments and reliability for my single-visit dental patients and have chosen DiaShine polishing systems to finish all my Enamic and Lava Restorations. DiaShine gives me the high aesthetic final result I desire in a matter of minutes. Teeth look and feel like natural tooth enamel and this is what my patients love best!”

Matt Roberts CDT

Owner - CMR Dental Laboratory

“DiaShine produces a very natural appearing, highly-polished surface very quickly on ceramic restorations. It is my final step on all of my cases.”

Mohammad Al-Zu'bi CDT, RDT

Optimus Dental Lab Inc.

“Part of my bench routine is to go over all restorations with DiaShine; there is absolutely no match for it in the market. I also appreciate the personalized service from VH Technologies.”

Von Grown DTG

Dark Horse Dental Studio

“DiaShine for me puts the final nail in all of my cases. It goes on smooth, and brings out the luster like no other paste I have tried. Now I use the DiaShine Fine Soft for all of my cases!”